Intra-University Photography Exhibition and Competition (IUPEC)  

Intra-University Photography Exhibition and Competition (IUPEC) is arrangerd every year. Photographs of students, teachers and officers from only SAU are granted.


4th IUPEC 2017

Held 16-17th May 2017






3rd IUPEC 2016

Held 14th and 17th April 2016

Mix Category

1st  – Eti Akter

2nd – S. Kaushik Kumar Mohanta

3rd – Salma Binte Salam


Digital  Camera Category

1st  – Atiqur Rahman

2nd – Monjurul Arafin Sobuj

3rd – Titly Kaiyum Talukder


Mobile Camera Category

1st – Md. Masbaul Alom

2nd – Md. Shakhawat Hossain

3rd – Rokaia Jamila Roshni

3rd – Sakib Mahmud


1st IUPEC 2014

Held 19-20th March 2014

All participants were given certificates of partocipation.


National Photo Festival ( Life Through the Lens )  

National Photo Festival is a universal exhibition with a brand name  ‘Life Through The Lens’. Our First NAtional Exhibition was held in 2014.


Exhibition on Language Movment on International Mother Language Day  

Every year on 21th February We arrange an exhibition on the history of language Movement to remember their sacrifice.


IMLD 2017 

Held 21th  February 2017


IMLD 2016 

Held 21th  February 2016


IMLD 2015 

Held 21th  February 2015


Ekusher Ayna ( Theme Based Exhibition on 21th February )  

Theme Based Exhibition on 21th February. This exhibition is held every year by the perticipation of the students.


Ekusher Aayna 2017 

Held 21th  February 2017


Ekusher Aayna 2016 

Held 21th  February 2016